25 Fun Locations for Your Engagement Photos

Scheduling an engagement shoot? As the idiom goes, it's all about location, location, location. Choose a place that offers a variety of different backdrops, is sentimental to the both of you, or gives guests a sneak preview of the big day. To help you hone in on the perfect setting for your personalities, we've compiled standout shots featuring soon-to-be-married couples. 

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  • Art Murals

    Art Murals

    Plan your engagement photo session around beautiful works of art in your community, like Eric and Emily did. A backdrop this animated adds pizzazz to pics and even serves as inspiration for your poses.

  • Vineyard


    Natural elegance — Andrea and Bryan chose a Tuscan-inspired vineyard featuring lush rolling hills and a lake for their engagement snapshots. Bonus: It's also where they'll be saying their "I dos."

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  • Ski Slope

    Ski Slope

    Are you and your groom avid snowboarders or skiers? Hit the slopes and show off your best moves! Sharon and Chris wanted to contrast their engagement shoot with their wedding photos (they're getting married in Jamaica). 

    Photo Credit: Julius & James

  • Pumpkin Patch

    Pumpkin Patch

    Nothing says "fall" like a trip to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Irina and Matthew experienced both activities at Albion Orchards in Ontario, resulting in sweet photos that capture the magic of the season.

    Photo Credit: Julius & James

  • Top of a Mountain

    Top of a Mountain

    Get your hearts racing and adrenaline pumping. Mountaintop engagement photos are ideal for the couple who enjoys hiking and staying active together, like Shaina and Christopher. In general, wear comfortable clothes and shoes if your shoot location will include a lot of walking.

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  • Beach


    If your idea of heaven involves sandy toes and the sound of crashing waves, then book it to the beach for an action-packed e-sesh. Don't be afraid to dive in and get wet, like Katie Arnold from The Style Riot and her fiancé Luke, shown here! Pick a weekday so it won't be as crowded as the weekend, and schedule your photos to be taken during the "golden hour" before sunset for optimal lighting.

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    Photo Credit: Emily Illuminate

  • Plane Hangar

    Plane Hangar

    Sammy and Michael wanted their engagement session to reflect their passion for traveling. After some digging, their photographer found a local flight instructor who let them take photos in parts of a small nearby airport. "The shoot was a dream come true for all of us, and we had so much fun!" says Elizabeth from Elizabeth Nord Photography.

  • Ice Skating Rink

    Ice Skating Rink

    When Fatima went to an ice skating rink with friends, she had no idea that her future husband, Michael, would melt her heart just moments before she made her exit. Once they shared their adorable "how we met" story with their photographer, there was no question where they would go to shoot their engagement photos.

    Photo Credit: AO&JO Photography

  • Carousel or Carnival

    Carousel or Carnival

    Victoria and Wes took their engagement photos at the Williamson County Fair in Franklin, Tennessee. Take a cue from this fun-loving couple by riding the merry-go-round, shooting water pistols for the chance to win a prize, or soaring into the air on a Ferris Wheel.

  • Bus Stop

    Bus Stop

    A scenic bus stop in Baltimore City served as a unique backdrop for Rosa and Shawn's engagement portraits. Their photographer, Jay, positioned them so that only the word "us" was visible.

    Photo Credit: Jay Moore Photography

  • At Home

    At Home

    Victoria and Jeff shot their engagement photos at their home in Cincinnati, Ohio, with their adorable pup in tow. A big draw of scheduling your session at a private residence is that you can include a variety of props and outfit changes, while doing the activities that feel most natural to your everyday schedule (watch TV in bed, make breakfast together, etc.), giving your pics an authentic and ultra-intimate feel.

    Photo Credit: Flora + Fauna

  • School


    Having attended and met at the University of Michigan, Allison and Adam sought out all of the spots on campus where they shared special memories for their engagement shoot.

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  • Favorite Store

    Favorite Store

    Cassandra and Corey shot their photos at this little old mast general store, where the bride would visit while growing up to get some of the best Southern sweets — and, of course, she had to bring her cowboy boots!

  • Place of Work

    Place of Work

    If you're passionate about what you do for a living, consider honoring your profession in your engagement shoot. Brian, a firefighter, and his fiancée, Alanna, shot their engagement photos at the fire station: "Being able to tell their love story in such a personal and unique way was such a special opportunity," says Brandy from Brandy Angel Photography.

  • Coffee Shop

    Coffee Shop

    There's nothing like curling up with a latte and a good book in your favorite coffee shop. When Molly and Alan started talking about their engagement session location, they knew they wanted to return to Edwardsville, Illinois, where they went to college. They're both coffee addicts, so Sacred Grounds was a no-brainer, and they got to indulge in java and cake during their shoot.

    Photo Credit: A Sweet Focus

  • Sports Stadium

    Sports Stadium

    Show off your team pride with a sports-themed session! Brittany and Andy are diehard Detroit Tigers fans, and they rented out the entire stadium for their epic engagement shoot.

    Photo Credit: Photos By Yvonne

  • Private Mansion or Castle

    Private Mansion or Castle

    Jessica and Corbin put a ring on it at the iconic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. They returned there for their engagement session, where they spent an entire evening walking around the grounds (they're season pass holders, so they had free reign). 

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  • Monument or Memorial

    Monument or Memorial

    Pay homage to your favorite landmark — Jessica and Scott's gorgeous black-tie shoot at The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. is a standout. Scott had never been there before, but he knew he wanted to pop the question to the one person he loved more than anything at the place that she adored. He even flew in their family members to witness the proposal.

  • Lake


    A lakefront setting imparts a dreamy, ethereal vibe to your engagement portraits. Stacey and Bennett took a page straight out of The Notebook by rowing a boat into the middle of the lake.

    Photo Credit: The Larken Photo & Video Co

  • Observatory or Rooftop

    Observatory or Rooftop

    Evelyn and Sammy's engagement shoot at Griffith Park in California culminated in a spectacular nighttime portion in the Observatory section. An equally stunning alternative: Head to a hotel rooftop or building with scenic views of your city of choice.

  • Sand Dunes

    Sand Dunes

    Alicia, a pro photographer, wanted engagement photos that were anything but ordinary, and she got her wish at Dumont Dunes near Las Vegas! She and her groom, Kody, had a blast climbing, running, and exploring different angles. As the sun went down, the landscape became that much more surreal.

  • Movie Theater

    Movie Theater

    Kelsie and her fiancé, Doug (who graduated with a degree in film studies), celebrated their engagement with a shoot at the Coolidge Corner Theater, an Art Deco-style independent movie theater in the heart of Brookline, Massachusetts. We love how they mixed it up with traditional portraits outside by the marquee and candid shots indoors.

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    Photo Credit: Lara Kimmerer 

  • Christmas Tree Farm

    Christmas Tree Farm

    The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year — add festive cheer to your engagement photos by basing your shoot around hanging ornaments on your Christmas tree, visiting a tree farm, or taking advantage of the lights and decorations in your area. Amy and Robert took their session a few days after he arrived back from deployment with the USS Iwo Jima.

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  • Botanical Garden or Park

    Botanical Garden or Park

    Obsessed with flowers? Visit a nearby arboretum, botanical garden, or park for breathtaking photo ops like this one, from Lindsey and Josh's Mississippi photo shoot.

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  • Bridge


    Katie and Josh decided to take their engagement photos at the Brooklyn Bridge. The couple and their photographer arrived at the crack of dawn in the hopes of having an uncluttered frame, and it worked.

25 Fun Locations for Your Engagement Photos

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