Fort Myers - Islands, Beaches and Neighborhoods

However you envision your special day, every day is a good day to start your life together in Fort Myers. Fulfill your wedding-day wish list by making secluded islands, inspiring Gulf of Mexico views and a picture-perfect sunset a part of your dream day. Discover open-air venues, miles of stunning shoreline, fun activities to fulfill your perfect weekend, and more — no passport required. Advertisement


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    Explore the islands, beaches, and neighborhoods of Fort Myers. There’s plenty to discover in this corner of Southwest Florida, and the locals are happy to welcome you!

  • Whether you’re exploring the area for your destination wedding or just looking to get away with your loved one, here are the must-do date activities in the Fort Myers area.

  • If you’re planning a destination wedding in the Fort Myers area, your guests are in for a treat – there’s a bounty of fun activities to round out your wedding weekend!

  • fort myers florida

    Learn how to eat and drink like a local at these popular establishments.

  • fort myers florida

    The Fort Myers area may be synonymous with beaches, but you can fall in love with an alternative venue that reflects your sense of style.

  • Explore the islands, beaches, and neighborgoods of the Fort Myers area. This easygoing destination includes more than 100 barrier islands with over 50 miles of white-sand beaches, lush mangrove forests, and tranquil waterways. Fort Myers is the destination for the wedding of your dreams, with easy air access and — best of all — no passport required.